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Archive for August, 2007

Using a PPC campaign to test phrases and landing pages for organic results

There’s a post on the Search Engine Watch blog from Craig Paddock that does a pretty good job explaining how we can use a Pay Per Click (PPC or Search Engine Advertising) campaign for testing. Using PPC we can test to see which keywords pay off much faster than we can by trying to increase […]

Moving contact form produces less leads, but higher quality leads

Improving Conversions Case Study Part 2 – Moving contact form generates higher quality leads This is Part 2 of the case study to improve conversions on a web site for a software company (Read the earlier post – Adding two “calls to action” to move visitors along to a Conversion Point”). In part one I […]

Proven ways to improve web pages

Hi Folks, I did some work with a firm who does multi variable regression analysis of web page components.What this means is that they use a sophisticated mathematical model to compare a wide variety of “treatments” or aspects of a web page.They use this to test at one time for example: several headers, logos, text […]

An example of a great persuasive signup form

I wanted to pass along this example of a great sign up form from Clicktracks since visual examples work better for many folks. I wanted to share what I liked and encourage you to consider it in your efforts going forward. I’m 95% confident that this has been tested and refined. Many forms fail to […]

Search Leads to Offline Conversions Too

A SearchEngineWatch post discusses how search leads to offline sales. It cites two recent studies from comScore. Both studies show, once again, how important it is to consider the impact of online marketing, including search, on offline conversions. Read the Post. In May 2005 we posted the results of another comScore study sponsored by Yahoo […]

Matt Cutts: Search Engines Indexing Content Much Faster Now

Matt Cutts of Google has an interesting post on how search engine indexing has sped up over the years. We used to wait days or months for content to get indexed. Now it happens much faster, especially content from news sites, blogs, etc. Matt shows an example where a blog post was picked up by […]

Adding “calls to action” to move visitors along to a Conversion Point

Improving Conversions: Case Study Part 1 – Adding “calls to action” We’re working on a web site for a software company. The goal of the web site is to attract potential end users and get leads over to their resellers. A secondary goal is to attract new resellers. We working on both improving search engine […]

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