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Archive for November, 2007

Optimizing PDFs for Search Engines

Acrobat Reader Files (PDF) do get indexed by search engines and they can do well in the search engine results.

Here’s an article of tips for optimizing PDFs for best search engine results.

Topics include:

* Tips to better rankings & click-throughs from search engine result listings for your PDF’s.

* Including active links within PDF’s to increase the number of readers who visit your web site or contact you.

* Active links within a PDF also give search engines paths to find content on your web site and may improve search rankings.

* How to analyze the results of online PDF’s using analytics.

Google’s apparent PageRank update and best practices for link building

There’s been a lot of chatter about Google’s apparent PageRank update. The PageRank as reported by the Google toolbar has dropped for many sites. The common wisdom is that Google may be sending a message, a shot across the bow, to those selling links and at the same time reducing the apparent value of the […]

Content Advertising Explained

Our own David Szetela now writes a column for Search Engine Watch. In this post David explains Content Advertising – Also known as contextual advertising; advertising on the search engines’ content networks such as those from Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft. Content campaigns display ads on the Web pages of site owners who participate in a […]

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