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Archive for January, 2008

Increased conversion rate 300% by redesigning web site using Conversion Point Architecture

eVision offers an advanced site design methodology called Conversion Point Architecture that can significantly improve conversions on a web site.

Here’s a case study of actual results seen during a client project. The combined conversion rate for two important sales goals on the web site increased 300%.

Is there a Conflict between SEO and SEM at the Agency Level?

A post on the seoconsultants.com directory talks about the potential conflicts between SEO’s (optimizing for “organic” search results) and Paid Listing Ad (PPC) agencies. It does a good job at explaining why it’s important to have an integrated SEO and Paid Listing campaign in order to maximize ROI from search marketing…

Detlev’s Tips and Tricks for Paid Listings and Organic Search Optimization

Detlev Johnson at SearchReturn published his search marketing tips and tricks that he’s preparing to present at an upcoming event. There’s some sound advice here for both paid listings and organic search.

Using Analytics to Discover What Referring Sites Are Converting

In this article I look at the traffic from our own referral sites using Click Tracks and show you how you can use analytics to analyze the traffic from your referrers to see which sites are converting.

More importantly I’ll show you how to increase the traffic from referring sites that are converting well and how you might improve conversions from sites not converting well.

Is The Effectiveness of Optimized Online Press Releases Declining?

Greg Jarboe, one of the original practitioners of optimized online press releases, posted an article on Search Engine Watch, “Is the Social Media Press Release a Meatball Sundae”

There’s no doubt that the effectiveness of online press releases has diminished over the past two years because of the explosive growth of submissions (it’s much harder to get noticed than it use to be) and due to the growth of social media.

We still believe that online press releases are well worth the effort (they’re a relatively low cost marketing tool). However, they should be just a part of an online marketing campaign that includes focusing on social media as appropriate too.

Here’s an overview of how optimized online press releases work and short and long term benefits.

Image Optimization – Matt Cutts on Alt Attributes for images

Matt Cutts, a senior engineer at Google, has posted a video on how we use Alt Attributes for images (Alternative text attribute) so that search engines can better understand what an image is. Creating effective Alt Attributes for images will help images get returned in searches for images such as in Goggles image search

Content Advertising Best Practices Articles by David Szetela

Over the past weeks David Szetela has posted 7 articles covering Content Advertising – Also known as contextual advertising; advertising on the search engines’ content networks such as those from Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft.

Read most of these 7 articles and you’ll understand how Content Advertising works, know how to write great ads, and develop content campaigns that deliver high quality results

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