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Archive for June, 2008

Google Mobile Advertising: 3 How-to articles by David Szetela

In “Mobile Advertising on Google: It’s Time to Start” David showed you why it’s important to start thinking about mobile advertising. Here are three recent posts in David Szetela’s series of articles about mobile advertising on Search Engine Watch.

Distracting Cycling Images and Messages Can Hurt Profits: Learn how to improve conversion rates with a simple and effective solution

An increasing number of small sites are cycling images, changing messages, and sending offers across the screen using Flash and JavaScript — generally causing havoc among people trying to understand an often complex webpage. This article describes the problems caused by changing messages and scrolling offers and shows you how to improve conversion rates by giving control to the visitor.

Offline Conversion Tracking: 8 methods to measure offline sales and conversions from online marketing campaigns

It can be difficult to track conversions from an online marketing campaign that are completed offline, such as sales completed on the phone or during a visit to a physical facility. Here are 8 methods that can be employed to measure or estimate offline conversions.

Mobile Advertising on Google: It’s Time to Start

David Szetela has begun a new series of articles about mobile advertising on Search Engine Watch. Mobile advertising will become increasingly important to most advertisers as it already has for some markets and topics (restaurants, travel, entertainment, weather social media, etc.)  In this first article David explains why you need to start thinking about mobile […]

Why Video Testing is better then Metrics Testing Alone

Until you have seen video testing, you may be skeptical about the power of what it can teach us about web site behaviors. By using the right approaches and asking for insights beyond basic (though also essential) task completion tests, you will learn what is and isn’t working on your site and why. Video testing […]

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