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Archive for September, 2008

Increase Leads & Sales from Your Email Campaigns by 200% or More

We can improve the conversion rates of your email marketing campaigns by employing many of the techniques from the Conversion Point Architecture process, increasing the percentage of readers who make a purchase, signup, submit an inquiry, donate, or whatever the goal of the email campaign may be. (see below for more informations on Conversion Point Architecture)

Wider Screens – A New 1024 X 768 Web Page Design Standard

Wider web pages are appropriate now that most visitors use wider screens. But there are some warnings.

A wider design standard allows more room across the screen to include critical page elements, expand navigation, and improve branding and messaging in the header and redesign page elements.

Is search volume down? Is it the beginning of the end?

Kevin Ryan at Search Engine Watch has posted an article, “The Beginning of the End? Or the End of the Beginning?” In it he examines the recent press and data showing declining Click Through Rates (CTR) at Google. He interprets the data and attempts to answer the question, “Are people clicking less? Or is the data being misinterpreted”?

The answer may be Yes to both questions.

Universal or Blended Search Results: What is it? Optimization Tips

In “The Beginning of the End? Or the End of the Beginning?” Kevin Ryan at Search Engine Watch talks about the emerging Universal or Blended search results which already is and will continue to dramatically change the search results landscape we’ve all been used to for years.

You should understand what Blended Search Results is and start taking steps to prepare for it.

Universal or Blended Search Results is actually an opportunity that could lead to more click throughs to your site and the web sites and web pages on other sites that you have influenced.

This post explains what Universal or Blends Search Results is, with some examples, and gives some tips on how to prepare for it as it continues to emerge.

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