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Archive for June, 2009

4 optimized press release articles from the eVision Blog

It can be very hard to find useful articles on a specific topic, even with a blog search facility.

Here are 4 articles about optimized press releases from the eVision blog (and others) over the past year or so.

SEO is the top online marketing method used by small to large budget marketers to generate online conversions

An article that summarizes the results of a recent Forbes study showing SEO was the most effective online marketing method for generating conversions for about half of all marketers.

Website Analytics vs. Site Reports/Stats: Analytics can help you increase business from your web site

Many web site owners have heard the term “analytics” and mistakenly believe that the site stats they have seen running on their website is analytics. They are unaware of how strong a tool site analytics is for online marketing and improving conversion rates.

In this article I’ll demonstrate the difference between site analytics and site reports and point out how analytics can help not only measure marketing results but help site owners increase business from their web sites.

5 SEO Steps for Video Search

Video on the web is growing quickly. We’re employing video more and more to improve the user experience which leads to improved conversion rates.

Ron Jones has posted a two part article on Search Engine Watch outlining 5 steps for optimizing Video for search.

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