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Archive for July, 2009

Video: 404 error pages: An effective custom “Page not found” error page improves search engine results; Tips & Best practices

In this 2 part Video (with companion text article) we show why it’s so important to have an effective custom “Page not found” error page (A 404 error page) to improve results from search engines. We cover and demonstrate some important Best Practices for 404 error pages.

You’ll Learn:

What are custom “Page not found” (404) error pages and why are they so important in search marketing?

The most important elements to include on 404 error pages.

Why you need to use Absolute Links on 404 error pages.

Why it’s important to set these error pages up so they send a 404 error code to browsers (and search engines) rather than a redirect code (as some web site owners/managers have done).

Microsoft’s Bing: Early local search share data. It looks promising!

Gregg Stewart posted at SearchEngineWatch with some early data on Microsoft’s Bing search portal in the local search space. It’s very early, but after declining in local search shares the past two years, the early trend for Bing looks promising. In this post Gregg Stewart includes the latest local search share numbers from Comscore comparing the top 5 search engines and compares Bing’s local results pages to Google and Yahoo.

Bing’s local search results do include some useful unique features which are outlined.

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