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Be sure you “Choose the Right SEO Project Goals”

Eric Enge, has a post on Search Engine Watch named “Choose the Right SEO Project Goals

He explains that SEO is not about rankings or numbers of link added per month, or even about increasing traffic per se.

When you focus on the wrong goals then, as Eric says, SEO energy gets invested in the wrong ways. For example when you set a goal of x number of links per month then you are likely to see people focusing on delivering x number of links per month regardless of the quality of those links. Many of those links will contribute nothing to your business goals.

Your SEO goals should support your business goals.

If your business goals are increasing impressions for advertising sales, then your specific SEO goals should support that. If your business goals are to increase leads and/or sales then your SEO goals support increasing traffic to the site that converts into leads and business

Read “Choose the Right SEO Project Goals

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