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Archive for February, 2011

Optimizing for Local Search Even More Important With Google’s New Blended Local Search Results

Google’s new blended local search results may push your traditional organic listings much further down within the search results making it more important than ever to get a local result listed within the “blended” search results on google.com.

J.C. Penny Caught Red Handed by Google Doing Link Spam: Led Astray By their SEO?

You wouldn’t think a major brand like JC Penny would allow itself to be lead astray by an SEO company, but it looks like that’s just what happened as reported by the NY Times. Links were placed on thousands of web sites using deceptive anchor text in an attempt to get JC Penny’s web pages to rank higher. And it worked very well as J.C. Penny had top rankings for hundreds of keywords during the holidays. However they are now penalized by Google. J.C. Penny just fired their SEO company.

How To Improve Organic Search Results With A Simple Site Audit

Having a search engine friendly website, a site with no barriers to the search engines is critical to success within “organic” search engine results. Here are some relatively simple SEO Site Review steps that should help you flush out the most important site wide issues within a small to mid size website.

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