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SEO Tactics That Will NOT Bring Targeted Google Visitors, by Jill Whalen

An article from Jill Whalen covering 16 SEO tactics that are mostly a waste of time including:

  • Meta Keywords
  • XML Site Maps or Submitting to Search Engines:
  • Link Title Attributes:
  • Header Tags Like H1 or H2
  • Keyworded Alt Text on Non-clickable Images:
  • Keyword-stuffed Content
  • Optimizing for General or Peripheral Keywords
  • Targeting the Same Keywords on Every Page
  • Focusing on Ads as Links
  • Mad-lib Doorway Pages
  • Linking to Google or Other Popular Websites
  • Redirecting a Keyworded Domain to Your Real One
  • Republishing Only Others’ Stuff
  • Making Minor Changes to Freshen Content
  • Nofollowing Internal Links
  • Main Navigation That Links to Every Page:

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