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Does your website need a boost?

If you are thinking of creating a website for your business, or just want to know more about how your current website can improve, check out Google’s Webmaster Academy. Filled with great tips and videos Webmaster Academy is an easy-to-use resource that also helps users understand Google Search and Google Search Console.

Is A “High” Bounce Rate Always Bad? Plus How To Improve Bounce Rates

Concerned about your bounce rate? In this article published in Marketing Land I explain when a high bounce rate is OK and outline steps to help turn it around when it’s not.

Important Ranking Factors for Mobile Sites

Google’s mobile-friendly update earlier this year was not the “mobilegeddon” many feared but it did have an impact. In this article Graham Charlton outlines likely mobile ranking factors from a recent study that looked at mobile search engine results.

How Social Signals Effect Organic Search Rankings

Jason DeMers recently took a close look at how social signals (Facebook likes and shares, tweets and retweets, Google +1’s, sharing, comments, etc) really affect a site’s search engine ranking. Essentially, it is not enough to just have “likes” or “followers” as many believe

RankBrain: Google rolls out AI algorithm for search queries

Since early this year Google has been quietly rolling out their new machine-learning Artificial Intelligence, RankBrain, which has become what Google considers the third-most important signal contributing to the search results of a query. Here’s what is known so far.

Moz’s 2015 Search Engine Ranking Factors Study Released: Links Still #1 Factor

Every two years, Moz completes a study to analyze the factors influencing search engine results. With all of Google’s recent changes, there have been dissenting opinions on the best way to bring search traffic to your website.

According to the Moz study results: The best tactics, whether on site or offsite, continue to be those focused on increasing links from high quality web sites.

If You Are Relying On SEO, You Could Be SOL!

I explain why our clients have been getting most of their new business leads from paid listings in recent years (such as Google AdWords) rather than from their organic (SEO) search results.

You can download the slides from a presentation where I show why if you are relying on SEO and not running an effective paid listing campaign (PPC) like Google AdWords you are almost certainly missing new business opportunities.

Local Businesses Squeezed Out Of Organic Search By Larger Websites

A new study from BrightLocal found that local businesses are being squeezed out of organic search results for many high volume “money” search phrases. However local businesses can get a greater share of voice for long-tail and geo-modified terms. The study looked at the search results for the three main search engines in the USA […]

Google May Unverify Inactive Local Listings — and How to Avoid It!

Google confirms that “In some cases, we may contact Google My Business users via email to confirm that they are still actively managing a business page. If a user is unresponsive to our attempts to contact him or her and has not logged into Google My Business for a significant length of time, then we may unverify pages in the account.”

In this article we’ll show you how to avoid having your listings unverified and what to if some have already been unverified.

Google’s Website Call Conversion Tracking: Keyword Level Call Tracking For AdWords

Ever wished you could track which keywords led to phone conversions? You can!

Last August Google released its web site phone call tracking feature called Website Call Conversions. It allows marketers to track website visitors from AdWords’ paid listings who call tracking phone numbers dynamically written on web pages. Most importantly the phone calls are tracked to the keyword level.

In this article I wrote for Search Engine Land I cover; How Google’s Website Call Tracking Works; Implementation Tips; How To Test The Tracking; Why It’s Not For Every Web Marketer.

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