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How Phone Call Tracking & Recording Can Increase Sales 

One of the most valuable ways to improve marketing efficiency is by working to improve your conversion rate – i.e. the percentage of the good leads you get that you turn into closed sales.

One effective way to increase the percentage of leads you close is by using a phone call tracking and recording system.

Track your website’s SEO performance with Google’s improved Search Console

Understand how your site performs on Google search (Organic Search Results) Google has improved data freshness for the Search Performance report in Google Search Console. The Search Performance report helps site owners better understand how their site performs on Google search including – Traffic: How much traffic did my site get from Google’s organic search results […]

Incredible Container Homes Around the World

A number of our customers around North America are Portable Storage companies. They sell and rent the shipping containers used in international shipping (Sea, rail etc) mostly to be used for storing things. Some of them modify shipping containers into an almost infinite number of structures such as offices and even homes. Check out this […]

Happy 21st Birthday eVisionSEM … and Google!

Google turned 21 on September 27th 2019.  eVisionSEM turned 21 a week later, on October 4th “Happy Birthday to Us, Happy Birthday to Us” (eVision or eVisionSEM. Either way is fine – eVisionSEM, eVisionLAW, and eVision are trademarks and/or service marks of eVisionSEM LLC.

Don’t Lose New Business Leads! Regularly Test Your Online Forms

Most web marketers rely on email notifications of the form submissions on their website. However, problems with form submissions can occur anytime. Something can break on the website, especially after updates, or your ISP could tighten up the spam filtering causing the submission email notices to get filtered.

If you rely on online form submissions for business leads here’s what we suggest.

An Entire Business Park in Texas Made with 120 Shipping Containers!

Container King has just completed a new business park built entirely from shipping containers! The project features includes office, warehouse and retail space built entirely from shipping containers including a two-story beauty salon, five retails space groupings, and 14 office groupings.

Display Advertising vs. Search Advertising: Which Method Delivers a Better ROI?

Paid online advertising is one of the best ways to achieve immediate results from your marketing efforts. By advertising to targeted web users, you can reach a large number of prospective customers in a more cost-efficient manner than traditional marketing avenues such as television and newspapers.

While there is widespread agreement that paid digital advertising is effective which is the best approach; e.g., should you go with search advertising, or is display advertising a better method?

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