Google Answers: “Do AdWords customers get special treatment in organic search results?”

Our clients often don’t understand when we tell them that participating in a PPC search advertising network like Google AdWords has no effect on their organic search results. I guess it’s understandable since their PPC ads appear on the same results page as the organic search results.


They are Two Separate Systems.

PPC ads are just that, ads from an advertising network. The only real relation is that both PPC ads and organic search results appear for the same keyword search on the same search results page and all the results are from the same search engine (Google, Bing etc).

In fact the skills required to be an expert with PPC are very different than the skills needed to improve organic search results (SEO). If you ask one our full time PPC consultants a question about organic search results they will likely not be able to answer because they know little if anything about SEO. It’s like carpenters and electricians. They both work on the same house, but each has different skills.


Google Answers

Here’s a 1.5 minute video from Google’s Matt Cutts answering a question from “an important AdWords customer” who apparently spends lots of money with Google. Recently they saw a drop in their organic listings and asked why they can’t get advice for their organic search results. Matt reiterates what Google has said repeatedly in the past –

  • Why AdWords PPC customers get no boost in organic rankings.
  • Why AdWords customers get no special treatment regardless of how much they spend.

View the Google Video “Do AdWords customers get
special treatment in organic search results?”


We Use Traffic Travis

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"We switched from a well know keyword too because it had become too cumbersome to use. And for the second time I can remember, instead of steady evolving the product, they completely changed it forcing a large learning curve on existing users (not smart!)

So far I find Traffic Travis is great for the main reason I switched, to easily get organic competition data for batches of keywords as we work on optimizing client web sites etc. This allows us to decide for which keywords a clientâ??s site/page has a reasonable chance of reaching top positions and which ones are currently out of reach.

I've been doing my raw keyword researching using Googleâ??s AdWords keyword research tool (itâ??s what Iâ??m used to) then copying batches of keywords into Traffic Travis to collect the organic keyword competition data as needed.

In time Iâ??ll explore more of the tool. Thereâ??s a lot there for online marketing including backlink checking (with strength data), raw keyword research, and more. And the price is only $97, much less than the most other tools"

George Aspland, eVision

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