Moving contact form produces less leads, but higher quality leads

Improving Conversions Case Study Part 2 –
Moving contact form generates higher quality leads

This is Part 2 of the case study to improve conversions on a web site for a software company (Read the earlier post – Adding two “calls to action” to move visitors along to a Conversion Point”).

In part one I mentioned that we added the following “call to action” about halfway down their most important product page:


About 9.5% of visitors to this product page click on this link. This link leads an online video demonstration of the product.

However before the visitor was allowed to view the video they had to fill out a contact form.

Using Click Tracks we found that only about 10% of the people who viewed this contact form filled it out and went on to view the video. Worse, almost 25% of the people who clicked on the Narrated Videos link exited the site once they saw the form that was required before they could view the video.

In addition, after examining the leads the client realized that the quality of these leads was poor. That’s to be expected as people were filling out the form merely to be able to view a product video.

So we ran a Time Split test.  We removed the online form and brought people directly to online video.

At the bottom of the video we add the following link:


This link leads to a general inquiry form (we’ll discuss how we’re improving results for this form in the future).

Checking results about a week later, 6.6% of the people who viewed the product video clicked on the” For more information or to arrange a demonstration…Click Here” link.

Great results but I thought we could improve this a bit. They increased the size of the link to the following:


Results improved just by increasing the font size. After this simple change 9.8% of all visitors who viewed the product video clicked on this link. More importantly 19% of visitors who came to this page from search engines clicked on this link.

The client is actually receiving less leads now then they were before, but they say the quality of the leads is much better becuase the people who fill out this contact form after watching the product video want to be contacted.

Stay tuned, in the future we’ll add more posts about improving conversions on this web site.

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