SEO Branding: Appearance In Search Results Impacts Brand Perception

A while ago I posted an article about whether it makes sense to “Run Keywords In PPC If Doing Well In Organic Search”. It often pays off, almost always for brand phrases.

In a recent Search Engine Land article Nathan Safran reports on some recent research on brand benefits from Search which includes:

  • A 16% increase in brand association when a brand listing is in top ad position and a top organic listing as reported by a Google and Enquiro study.
  • Up To 30% Brand Lift For Brands Appearing In Search Results with the greatest benefit coming from placements “above the fold” (ie not having to scroll down to see the results) in the search results.

While he doesn’t mention organic vs. paid listings, having both a top paid listing and top organic listings often places most of them above the fold in the search results.

He does mention that the greatest benefit come from brand listings appearing both above the fold along with universal (or blended) search results (images, video, etc.).

Read Nathan’s “SEO Branding:
Appearance In Search Results Impacts Brand Perception”