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No More Google Directory


After years of declining use Google pulled the plug on the Google Directory. The Google Directory was based on the Open Directory Project (OPD), a volunteer, human edited directory of the web that has been used as the underlying database for numerous web directories for years. Unfortunately OPD has struggled in recent years to keep up with the increased number of updates and submissions.

How To Increase Organic Keyword Conversions. Part 2


In this Part 2 article on Search Engine Land I’ll outline some relatively simple ways to improve conversions once people enter your web site from any traffic source including organic search traffic

How to Boost Sales with Compelling Buyers’ Guides, Product Descriptions, and Product Reviews


Rob Snell shows the different kinds of text content they create on their online stores, and gives tips on how to leverage your product expertise into online profits. Doing this helps establish your expertise, differentiate your ecom site from all the others, and helps your shoppers decide what to buy.

It also helps your organic search results by making your product pages unique from most other ecommerce sites and by adding much more content for search engines to index and return in search results.

How To Build Business By Focusing On Click-Throughs & Conversions, Not Just Rankings


Many website owners obsess over organic keyword rankings. Our clients often tell us, “We have to improve our rankings for “keyword X!”. However, focusing on rankings as the primarily goal of SEO will not likely deliver the results most site owners want which is to increase business from their websites.

In this example, we will use a client’s Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics to choose the best keywords to focus on first, those bringing searchers to the website who are converting into leads.

J.C. Penny Caught Red Handed by Google Doing Link Spam: Led Astray By their SEO?


You wouldn’t think a major brand like JC Penny would allow itself to be lead astray by an SEO company, but it looks like that’s just what happened as reported by the NY Times. Links were placed on thousands of web sites using deceptive anchor text in an attempt to get JC Penny’s web pages to rank higher. And it worked very well as J.C. Penny had top rankings for hundreds of keywords during the holidays. However they are now penalized by Google. J.C. Penny just fired their SEO company.

How To Improve Organic Search Results With A Simple Site Audit


Having a search engine friendly website, a site with no barriers to the search engines is critical to success within “organic” search engine results. Here are some relatively simple SEO Site Review steps that should help you flush out the most important site wide issues within a small to mid size website.

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