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The most crucial ingredients for search marketing success? Fast implementation and Perseverance!


Looking back over years of working with clients, I truly believe the most important ingredient to search marketing success is the quick implementation of recommendations and tests to improve conversion rates.

Our clients who continually implemented recommendations and tests and persevered eventually succeeded. Those who couldn’t failed (Or more often they delayed their success for years till they could implement recommendations and tests quickly and missed a significant amount of income over those years).

The underlying issue is that all (yes ALL) web sites that have not been improved systematically do an ineffective job of converting site visitors with little or no prior knowledge about the company and its products and services. This includes most of the non brand keyword phrases being searched on to reach a web site (from both organic and PPC search results) as well as visitors from many other referral sites.

In this article I’ll show you how to estimate the conversion rates for your brand vs. non-brand keyword phrases using Google Analytics. You’ll see the difference in your conversion rates and should be able to estimate the potential increase in income if you work to improve conversions rates on your web site

Microsoft and Yahoo Search Merger Has Been Approved! What We Can Expect


Microsoft and Yahoo have received clearance to form the Yahoo and Microsoft Search Alliance.

We can expect Lower PPC management costs, possibly lower costs per conversion, and with one larger network a second PPC network may be viable for many advertisers with smaller ad budgets

Online Marketing in an Economic Downturn


An article in TalentZoo summarizes the top 5 tactics marketers will emphasize over the coming months now that the economy is in a downturn, Blogging, SEO, PPC, Social networking, E-mail, Affiliate marketing

Google Mobile Advertising: 3 How-to articles by David Szetela


In “Mobile Advertising on Google: It’s Time to Start” David showed you why it’s important to start thinking about mobile advertising. Here are three recent posts in David Szetela’s series of articles about mobile advertising on Search Engine Watch.