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“I came to eVisionSEM at the age of 65 not knowing anything about internet marketing and I still do not know very much. The only thing I can tell you about it now is that with eVisionSEM it works. I can’t say that about all SEMs because we tried another company before eVisionSEM and after 9 months saw virtually nothing. In the same amount of time, eVisionSEM more than tripled what we were doing on the internet and at this point we have gone far beyond even that.”
Bennett Lebov Aaron Supreme Storage Containers


“When I first spoke with George, I shared that my site got ‘positive feedback’ from my clients, friends & family. They said: ‘That‘s nice, but does it get you new clients?’ It didn’t. It does now.
eVisionSEM taught me step by step how web marketing works. Unlike some other web marketing companies, who take a “one size fits all approach” eVisionSEM designed a custom marketing campaign just for my law firm and worked with me to establish a unique brand. Traffic to my website has increased and the business is growing. The results speaks for themselves.”
Daniel McGuire, Esq. Attorney


“Before meeting George, and eVisionSEM, we already had a good website that rated solidly on organic search results in our local market. We hired eVision to help promote our site in new markets that we had expanded to, where our organic results were poor at best

Almost immediately the campaign produced results in the new markets. So, we decided to try eVisionSEM locally, and were surprised to find that our business increased locally even though we were already the top search result organically.

eVisionSEM brought some great tools with them that allowed us to quantify the results of not only their efforts, but of our other advertising campaigns as well. Now we are better able to target our ad budget towards the campaigns that produce the greatest results.

But, for me, the best thing about eVisionSEM is that they are self motivated professionals. As a small business owner with 10 employees, it’s nice to have one segment of my operation that I don’t have to micro-manage. eVision micro-manages my online marketing for me, allowing me to focus on serving the customers that they help to bring to us.”

Jay Williams Budget Box Mobile Storage


“Now that eVisionSEM is running our Google Pay per Click ad campaign we are spending 50% less on the ads, getting better lead quality, and best of all – Getting more customers!”
Albert Vara Tropical Trailer Leasing


“With eVision’s help DEL Imaging has grown into the #1 sales organization for our prime vendors in our industry in both the US and Europe over the past ten years… Being with eVisionSEM for the last 13 years just gets better and better and has helped us develop our strong business image, substantial intrinsic value, and elevated our business and support in the eyes of our customer .

We are now growing our presence with social media venues like YouTube and LinkedIn with eVision’s expertise and staying on top of the latest trends in web marketing with their help.”

Paul DelGrego DEL Imaging Systems


“George and his team at eVisionSEM are very experienced with Google Ads. He’s been working in paid search for years and I would recommend him to anyone looking to drive leads through paid ads.”
Ben Wright TLM


“For two years, George and his team at eVisionSEM have managed our Google AdWords search engine advertising campaign. Talk about results. Here’s what they’ve achieved for us:

  • Doubled the traffic to our website
  • Drastic improvement in our website conversion rate through measured, trackable results
  • Ongoing improvement to our advertising campaigns
  • Constant suggestions to improve our results

And that’s just the technical side. George and his team also have that rare quality in digital life: a high-calibre set of interpersonal skills. We meet with them often and actually enjoy the meetings!

As small business owners, my husband and I wear many hats. We are supremely grateful to leave the “hat” of SEO Professional to George and eVisionSEM. They are the real deal and we could not be happier with their service!”

Mary Beth Maloy Maloy Mobile Storage


“Almost all our new business prospects come from the web site now. No more cold calling! We look at our web site as a sales rep who works 24×7 for us and never takes a vacation.”
Richard DonovanCCI Logistics


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