Track your website’s SEO performance with Google’s improved Search Console

Understand how your site performs on Google search (Organic Search Results)

Google has improved data freshness for the Search Performance report in Google Search Console. The Search Performance report helps site owners better understand how their site performs on Google search including –

Traffic: How much traffic did my site get from Google’s organic search results

Search queries: What are my site’s top and trending search queries?

Top content: What are my site’s most successful pages on Google search?

Site audiences: Traffic from which countries? From which devices – is it mostly mobile?

How does improved data freshness help?
Improved data freshness decreases data turnaround time to as recent as a day or even less – A noteworthy improvement on the previous data turnaround which was a few days at best.

For example, with fresher data you can:

Monitor and measure your site’s performance within 24hrs of events, holidays, etc.

See the effect on site traffic faster after making changes to your website

Export performance data over time.
Performance data can now be exported for a specific period. With fresher data and performance data export, you’re well on your way to better monitor your site’s performance and identify trends, patterns and changes much closer to when they happen.

See the links below for Google’s instructions on exporting data.


Google Search Console Help (How to get your site on Search Console) 

Google’s complete article about “Fresher data in your site’s Search Performance report”. It includes instructions on setting a date range for the report and exporting data

Detailed Search Performance report instructions