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  eVision - We are Search Engine Marketing experts. We'll develop a custom "search engine marketing" strategy that drives traffic to your web site through legitimate Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click Marketing tactics  

We are experts at Search Engine Advertising

Hear how eVision helped The Trailer Depot turn their Google AdWords PPC campaign into a profitable lead generation channel and helped them improve the conversion rate on their web site [Click Play Button Above]

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We’ve been in business over 15 years. Our consultants have years of experience.

eVision has helped hundreds of clients around the world. Most of them have experienced double, triple, or more in sales increases from their websites.

For many client campaigns we improved conversion rates (leads, sales, etc) by a factor of 3x to 10x while reducing cost-per-transaction by up to half or more


The eVision difference

We don’t just manage and optimize your search marketing campaign. We help you become successful at online marketing.


We Have the Expertise to Help Improve Conversions & ROI
We have the expertise to help improve conversions after people reach a web site. This is critical. Most search marketing companies do not have this expertise. They can only work on increasing traffic from a PPC campaign and maybe do some custom landing pages. We have the expertise to help improve a web site in every facet. Our consultants have years of experience with many web sites.

This is a recurring theme with most of our clients who’ve worked with other search marketing companies unsuccessfully before we took over and helped them generate a positive ROI.


The conversion rate is the percentage of people who click through to your web site and ultimately take the action you desire such as buying a product, signing up for a newsletter, or submitting a request for information, etc.

See Conversion Rate Improvement & Usability for more information about our Conversion Point Architecture process


Lead/Purchase Tracking
We setup tracking so that we can see the leads or sales generated from our ads (and for all sources of traffic) down to the keyword level. Many search marketing companies don’t do this as it can be challenging to build a tracking system.

Without effective tracking you cannot optimize an ad campaign to generate the maximum ROI by testing keywords and ad copy as well as landing pages on a site to see which delivers the most leads or sales at an ideal cost per lead.

Just as important, without this tracking there is no effective way to make changes on a web site to improve conversions and know if the change helped or hurt the conversion rate.

Bottom line: Without effective conversion tracking your cost per lead or sale will likely be 500% or more than it can be – That’s often the difference between a profitable PPC Campaign and one that loses money!


We Have a Proven Track Record
We’ve been in business over 15 years. We have a track record of success. Many search marketing companies don’t. They mostly run unsuccessful campaigns till the client gives up. Our consultants have years of experience and proven track records of delivering results for our clients. For many client campaigns we improved conversion rates (leads, sales, etc) by a factor of 3x to 10x while reducing cost-per-transaction by up to half or more.

We are a Google Certified Google Partner
Our PPC consultants must demonstrate in-depth knowledge and pass annual Google exams to stay certified.

Google provides resources to it certified partners that we can tap into including access to an account team for problem resolution etc and Google optimizers that we can get involved on campaigns when it makes sense so that we can do the best job of optimizing campaigns.

We’re also informed of new features to employ with our clients, often when they are still in Beta (sometimes we can get clients involved in a beta test).

Google ensures it’s certified partners stay on the leading edge of paid listing best practices. Making sure PPC consultants are certified helps to eliminate problems with consultants who do not follow best practices.


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