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Video: 404 error pages: An effective custom “Page not found” error page improves search engine results; Tips & Best practices


In this 2 part Video (with companion text article) we show why it’s so important to have an effective custom “Page not found” error page (A 404 error page) to improve results from search engines. We cover and demonstrate some important Best Practices for 404 error pages.

You’ll Learn:

What are custom “Page not found” (404) error pages and why are they so important in search marketing?

The most important elements to include on 404 error pages.

Why you need to use Absolute Links on 404 error pages.

Why it’s important to set these error pages up so they send a 404 error code to browsers (and search engines) rather than a redirect code (as some web site owners/managers have done).

Why I Chose Travelocity: Usability & Stickiness Lessons Learned


A couple of years ago I decided to finally try using an online travel search engine to book a flight. I compared a number of travel search engines to find the easiest one to use. I’ve been using it ever since. I think there may be a couple of lessons to be learned about Usability and Stickiness.

The Sales Value of Strong Product Photos


There’s a useful post on Web Marketing Today about the sales value of product photos (especially important with the holiday season just around the corner). Dr. Ralph F. Wilson shows some examples of different quality product pictures on eBay and the related number of bids each one received. There’s also a link to a video interview about optimizing product images on eCommerce sites

Reduce Customer Anxiety to Increase Sales Conversions


In an Internet world surrounded by phishing scams, identity theft, and viruses, everyone is concerned about the risks associated with placing an order or signing up for a newsletter or product information. If you fail to deal with anxiety on your site, you’ll leave money on the table. In this post Todd’s covers the basics of how to reduce anxiety on a web site