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Beware! It’s probably not Google calling about problems with your Google Maps listing

Once again we’ve been asked by customers about phone calls they are receiving “from Google” that there is a serious problem with their Google My Business Listing (Google Maps) and they need to take action now It’s probably not Google calling! Paste the phone number they give you into Google or Bing to search for […]

You Risk Missing Business If You Don’t Focus On Other Search Engines Besides Google

Should you worry about other search engines besides Google, such as Microsoft’s Bing and Yahoo? The answer is often yes. I’ll explain why for both PPC search ads and organic search results.   I was in an online marketing session at a conference when someone in the audience asked “Should we worry about other search […]

Micro Moments, “Near Me” Searches, and Local Marketing

Are you reading this article on your mobile device? Chances are, the answer is yes. According to the most recent data 56% of internet traffic is now coming from mobile devices. Translation: your customers are searching for your business on mobile devices! The use of smartphones is changing the way that consumers search for and […]

Important Reminder About Website Form Testing

We’ve written about the importance on testing your forms in the past on our blog. But because we feel this is an ESSENTIAL part of a successful online marketing campaign we are outlining the most important steps in making sure your website forms (contact, quote requests, etc) are working for you! (We can’t tell you how many times we hear from a customer, “we haven’t gotten any form submissions in weeks”)

The Value Of Brand Keywords: Brand Bidding & PPC Optimization

In the article on Search Engine Land Lori Weiman offers up tips on the use of branded and brand-plus keywords to improve your ROA in an increasingly competitive market.

Update: Big Google News! More Ads at Top of Search Results. Higher CPC’s?

In February Google stopped showing text ads in the right column of its desktop search results. Instead they began adding another paid listing at the top of the search results. Many search marketers predicted disaster. Some said CPC’s would skyrocket.

What effect has there been on CPC’s so far? Read on.

Big Google News! More Ads at the Top of Search Results. SEO just got even harder!

Google will no longer show text Ads (paid listings from AdWords) in the right column of the search results page. Instead they will often add another paid listing at the top of the search results, pushing the organic (SEO) results further down on the page.

Now there are often no organic results appearing “Above the Fold” – i.e. people have to scroll down to see any organic results in many cases. SEO just got even harder.

It’s become more important than ever to run paid listings as effectively as possible for your important keywords, the ones generating business.

Does your website need a boost?

If you are thinking of creating a website for your business, or just want to know more about how your current website can improve, check out Google’s Webmaster Academy. Filled with great tips and videos Webmaster Academy is an easy-to-use resource that also helps users understand Google Search and Google Search Console.

Is A “High” Bounce Rate Always Bad? Plus How To Improve Bounce Rates

Concerned about your bounce rate? In this article published in Marketing Land I explain when a high bounce rate is OK and outline steps to help turn it around when it’s not.

Important Ranking Factors for Mobile Sites

Google’s mobile-friendly update earlier this year was not the “mobilegeddon” many feared but it did have an impact. In this article Graham Charlton outlines likely mobile ranking factors from a recent study that looked at mobile search engine results.

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