10 Blogger Types: The Good, the Bad, and the Sleazy, by Jill Whalen

As I mentioned in an earlier post Dan Crow, Google’s Product Manager for Crawl Systems, spoke at an SEMNE event in July.

Jill Whalen wrote a very comprehensive article covering most of what Dan Crow talked about that evening including some new tags Google will be releasing in the future such as an “unavailable_after” tag (read about the tag in Jill’s original article)

She just posted article about what she’s seen in the blogosphere since this post went public.

Many search marketing bloggers picked up the news about this new tag.

I think you’ll find it an interesting commentary of how newsworthy items in a blog can quickly spread accross a topic area in the blogosphere, how it can affect the rankings of the original post, and the types of bloggers Jill found who talked about her post in their blogs ranging from the Good, The Bad and the Sleazy…Read Jill’s post here.