10 Cool Things We Can Do with Click Tracks – Web Analytics

Here’s a post at Stone Temple Consulting’s blog about 10 Cool Things you can do with Click Tracks

We almost always recommend implementing an advanced analytics package that will allow us to better see, by keyword phrase and referral site, what people do once they reach your site, how they navigate through the site, where they drop off, what pages are converting well, what pages are not converting well and should be modified and tested, what keyword phrases, partner and advertising sites are paying off from which search engines and ad campaigns, and which phrases and referral campaigns are not paying off and should be modified.

We’ve evaluated many analytics packages over the last few years. We often use Google Analytics or the much stronger Click Tracks.

Eric Enge at Stone Temple Consulting has posted an article 10 Cool Things you can do with Click Tracks including –

  1. Optimize your PPC Campaigns
  2. Slice and Dice your Visitors with Segmentation
  3. Apply New Analysis to Old Data
  4. Improve Your User Experience
  5. SEO Optimization
  6. Contextual Analysis
  7. Powerful Testing Capabilities
  8. Keyword Analysis and Research
  9. Click Fraud Detection
  10. Track KPIs Over Time

 Read the 10 Cool Things you can do with Click Tracks post.

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