2007 Web Analytics Shoot Out Results

Rand Fishkin has finished his 2007 Web Analytics Shootout. It’s a 55-page report on the results of a nine-month study of seven top analytics packages: Clicktracks, Google Analytics, IndexTools, Omniture SiteCatalyst, Unica Affinium NetInsight, Visual Sciences’ HBX Analytics, and WebTrends.

The report looks at:

1. Evaluate ease of implementation
2. Evaluate ease of use
3. Understand the basic capabilities of each package
4. Solve specific problems on each web site
5. Discover the unique strengths of each package
6. Discover the unique weaknesses of each package
7. Learn about the structural technology elements of each package that affect its capabilities
8. Learn how to better match a customer’s needs to the right analytics package

I haven’t even begun to look at it. I’ll probably need to wait till I’m on a plane ride somewhere to find the time. But here it is http://www.stonetemple.com/articles/analytics-report-august-2007.shtml

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