Moz’s 2015 Search Engine Ranking Factors Study Released: Links Still #1 Factor

Every two years, Moz completes a study to analyze the factors influencing search engine results.

Moz divided the study into two parts: they performed a rigorous correlation study to determine which websites and webpages were associated with higher search rankings.

Additionally, Moz surveyed over 150 search marketers on 90+ ranking factors. As shown below, each expert was asked to rate each area on a scale of 1 (not influential) to 10 (highly influential) Take a look at the results.

MOZ 2015 Ranking Factor Study

Links are still the #1 Ranking Factor.

In the chart (Click it to enlarge) you’ll see Domain-Level Link Features are still rated #1, followed closely by page-level link features.

With all of Google’s recent changes, there have been dissenting opinions on the best way to bring traffic to your website. The Moz study results speak for themselves: The best tactics, whether onsite or offsite, continue to be those focused on increasing links from high quality web sites.

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