7 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Site Analytics

Here’s a post on Search Engine Watch outlining 7 tips for getting the most out of site analytics including:

  1. Decide on Your Site Objectives.
  2. Pick Actionable KPIs
  3. Invest in a Business Analyst(s)
  4. Create a Data-Driven Organization
  5. Verify Your Implementation
  6. Monitor Accuracy and Cross Check
  7. Focus on High Value Add Analyses

Two of the seven tips are related to checking and verifying the accuracy of the data. I’m amazed at how many sites we’ve started working on that have some level of conversion tracking and/or analytics in place and they’ve never checked the accuracy. More often than not we discover that the data is not accurate. Sometimes we find the data is so far off that the decisions that were made based on the data were flawed as well.

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