A Step By Step Guide To Effective Online Article Marketing

Online article marketing can effectively improve organic search results in a number of ways:

  • Improve visibility for target keyword phrases.
  • Obtain traffic for additional (long tail) keyword searches.
  • Helps attract more incoming links to a site.
  • Assist in building awareness and reputation.
  • Increasing targeted traffic from related sites.
  • Helps make a website more unique and useful.


In this article I wrote for Search Engine Land I cover the steps we take with article marketing. These steps have been developed from years of examining what competitors of our clients have done to become the ranking and traffic leaders in their industries. Effective article marketing is a key strategy for many of them.

Covered in this Part 1 Article:

  • EFFECTIVE Article Marketing Is NOT About Submitting To Article Submissions Sites!
  • Step 1: Start Writing Quality, Useful Articles For Your Own Web Site
  • Make it easy for your article readers to click through to related products and services.
  • How To Find Article Ideas
  • But I Can’t (Or Don’t Have The Time) To Write Articles


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Effective Online Article Marketing – Par 1”


Part 2 will be live on Search Engine Land around September first.