Basics of Search Engine Friendly Web Site Design for Web Designers & Developers, You Can Download It to Use

We’ve developed a guide to cover the basics of designing and developing a search engine friendly web site for the designers and developers we work with.

We have developed this over the years. In some cases it includes content from other sources. We just updated it and included much of the content from Google’s SEO Starter Guide.

You can download it as a PDF and pass it along to the designers and developers you work with. Here’s a Word version if you want to remove our logo first.

Here’s the Table or Contents:

Site Navigation


Good practices for site navigation     

Problems with Cascading Drop-down Menu Systems         

How to see if your navigation system in search engine friendly

Secondary navigation schemes        

“breadcrumb” navigation

Bottom or footer navigation systems 

Site map          

Improve the structure of your URLs  

 Attracting links with folder structure  

Custom “page not found” error handling – 404 errors  

Robots.txt Validation   


Page Content


Use heading tags appropriately         

HTM Page Titles        

Make use of the “description” Meta tag         

Write better anchor text         

Good practices for images    

Alt Tags for the Image Links  

Duplicate Content      

Duplicate content on your site           

Duplicate content on other sites        

HTML Validation        

Web page load time

Web Page Size          

Dynamically driven web pages

About Dynamic Pages & Session ID’s          

Suggestions for dynamically driven pages    

HTM Page Titles and CMS (Content Management Systems)         

Description Meta Tag and Content Management Systems  

Keyword Meta Tags and Content Management Systems    

Multiple Domain Names


Download the “Basics of Search Engine Friendly Web Site Design, for Web Designers & Developers”

PDF Version


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