BBB Rolling Out Verified Customer Reviews

While we’re talking about getting good online reviews (in the previous post), the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is continuing to roll out a verified customer review feature. The BBB is another review site you might want to consider in your efforts to promote good online reviews if it’s available in your area.

There’s always been a complaint process at the BBB. Now there’s a feedback process where customers can share positive experiences. The feedback is verified by BBB personal so these reviews will likely grow to be considered trustworthy by most consumers.


Is it OK to ask your customers to submit a review on the BBB site?

The BBB is made up of 112 independent bureaus and I couldn’t find any terms and conditions about the customer feedback feature in my searches. Our Connecticut Bureau has just starting with customer feedback. Here’s the FAQ they sent out a short time ago.

I talked to the folks at our BBB here in Connecticut and was told they have no issue with members suggesting that their customers submit feedback the BBB site. So it’s probably safe to assume it’s ok nationwide.

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