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Display Advertising vs. Search Advertising: Which Method Delivers a Better ROI?


Paid online advertising is one of the best ways to achieve immediate results from your marketing efforts. By advertising to targeted web users, you can reach a large number of prospective customers in a more cost-efficient manner than traditional marketing avenues such as television and newspapers.

While there is widespread agreement that paid digital advertising is effective which is the best approach; e.g., should you go with search advertising, or is display advertising a better method?

Top 4 PPC ads get many more clicks since Google removed right-side text ads last year


A new study shows that click through rates (CTR) have increased significantly for desktop ads at the top of the search results since Google removed ads in the right column last year.

Overall CTR has risen 49% for the top 4 ads. This confirms what we have seen, more clicks from the top PPC ads for customers such as the storage and trailer industries, the legal market, etc., markets that typically focus on keyword triggered text ads (as opposed to ecommerce customers that focus more on Shopping Ads).

Micro Moments, “Near Me” Searches, and Local Marketing


Are you reading this article on your mobile device? Chances are, the answer is yes. According to the most recent data 56% of internet traffic is now coming from mobile devices. Translation: your customers are searching for your business on mobile devices! The use of smartphones is changing the way that consumers search for and […]

Important Reminder About Website Form Testing


We’ve written about the importance on testing your forms in the past on our blog. But because we feel this is an ESSENTIAL part of a successful online marketing campaign we are outlining the most important steps in making sure your website forms (contact, quote requests, etc) are working for you! (We can’t tell you how many times we hear from a customer, “we haven’t gotten any form submissions in weeks”)

Update: Big Google News! More Ads at Top of Search Results. Higher CPC’s?


In February Google stopped showing text ads in the right column of its desktop search results. Instead they began adding another paid listing at the top of the search results. Many search marketers predicted disaster. Some said CPC’s would skyrocket.

What effect has there been on CPC’s so far? Read on.

Big Google News! More Ads at the Top of Search Results. SEO just got even harder!


Google will no longer show text Ads (paid listings from AdWords) in the right column of the search results page. Instead they will often add another paid listing at the top of the search results, pushing the organic (SEO) results further down on the page.

Now there are often no organic results appearing “Above the Fold” – i.e. people have to scroll down to see any organic results in many cases. SEO just got even harder.

It’s become more important than ever to run paid listings as effectively as possible for your important keywords, the ones generating business.

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