Content Ideas For An Ecommerce Site

In this article on Search Engine Land I outline some content ideas for an ecommerce site that should increase organic visibility, make the site more useful and unique, and improve conversion rates. Much of this content can be also deployed or promoted via social networks:

Don’t Hide Your Helpful Articles in Your Blog. Use them to help your shoppers make buying decisions

Provide Additional Helpful Info On Product Pages. Use your favorite keyword tools to look for queries and questions people ask that are somewhat related to the products you offer such “How Do You XXXX” and “What is XX” questions. Add related content such to answer these queries.

Rewrite Manufacturer Descriptions for Important Products.  This helps make a site more useful than many of the other sites selling the same products as well as help make the product pages unique which should help with search engine results

Add More Extensive Product Information, Images, Video, etc. This should not only help increase conversions, it will likely help improve search results by making your product pages unique. Plus, including additional content on product pages may get your pages returned in more search results.

Get More User Reviews. User reviews add unique, user generated content to a site and can help increase conversion rates at the same time. These reviews can help make the product pages more unique and done correctly they can help product pages get returned in search results when people search for reviews about products.

Consider An “Ask an Expert” Feature? This could make the site more useful and help convey expertise.

User Generated Content: A Forum. A search engine friendly forum adds user generated content and often makes a site more useful at the same time.

User Generated Content: Videos & Images. To help make the site more interesting and to increase organic visibility

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