Please welcome Dr. Deborah J. Mayhew, eVision Usability and Design Consultant

Dr. Deborah J. Mayhew, an internationally recognized consultant, author, teacher and speaker on user experience design and usability engineering has joined eVision as a Usability and Design Consultant. Dr Mayhew will work with eVision clients to implement the Conversion Point Architecture process, helping insure that visitors who arrive at a web site will be inspired to convert (take some desired action) and can complete conversion actions effectively.
Dr. Deborah J. Mayhew was one of the early pioneers (early 1980’s) in the emerging field of software usability engineering, and since 1986 has been offering a wide variety of user experience services on a consulting basis. Clients have included IBM, AT&T, Hewlett-Packard, Ford Motor Co., American Express, Apple, American Airlines, The New York City Police Department, Cisco Systems, the IRS, The World Bank and many others. In the last decade of her 25+ years in the field, her work has focused primarily on web sites and web-enabled applications.

Dr. Mayhew’s expertise lies in insuring that the total user experience of a web site or application includes ease of learning and ease of use. Whereas search engine optimization (SEO) and advertising expertise insure that traffic will arrive at a web site, and Conversion Point Architecture insures that visitors will be inspired to contribute to site conversion goals, ease of learning and use expertise contributes to conversions by insuring that visitors can complete conversion interactions successfully, with minimal errors and frustration and in minimal time. This in turn minimizes bounce rates and customer service contacts.

Dr. Mayhew holds a B.A. in Psychology from Brown University, an M.A. in Experimental Psychology from the University of Denver and a Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology from Tufts University. Dr. Mayhew has authored or co-authored four books on topics in usability engineering, and has contributed chapters to many other books in the field. One of her most popular and widely used books is The Usability Engineering Lifecycle. Another is Cost-Justifying Usability, co-edited with Randolph G. Bias, first published in 1994 and then completely updated in 2005 to reflect the internet age. Dr. Mayhew is a frequent speaker at professional conferences.

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