Does your website need a boost?

If you are thinking of creating a website for your business, or just want to know more about how your current website can improve, check out Google’s Webmaster Academy. Filled with great tips and videos Webmaster Academy is an easy-to-use resource that also helps users understand Google Search and Google Search Console.

The Webmaster Academy is comprised of 3 different modules which each take about an hour according to Google, although it may be less or more depending on the person and the module. At the end of each lesson you’ll find a short quiz testing your knowledge. Missed a question? Don’t fret: Webmaster Academy allows you to navigate to different sections and review something you may have missed before.

Module 1: Make a great site is all about setting up your website right and making it the most it can be! To begin, Webmaster Academy lists the pros and cons of operating your own website as opposed to other forms of maintaining a web presence. Once you have decided on starting your website, Webmaster Academy leads you through setting up the website, identifying your audience, creating valuable content and organizing your site structure. If you are a business owner undertaking a website re-design, check out this article by eVision President George Aspland that outlines 8 SEO steps for a success!

Module 2: Learn how Google Search works: In Module 2, Webmaster Academy shows you how Google Search works, and how it interacts with your website. It also teaches you how to see if your website has been indexed by Google and how to describe content on your page Finally, Module 2 briefly touches on the Google Webmaster Guidelines and search engine optimization.

In Module 3: Use our resources Webmaster Academy teaches you how to set up a Search Console account for your webpage, and how to manage your website with Google Search Console. There’s also information on avoiding spam and making your site mobile-friendly.

Try Webmaster Academy for yourself! To check out Search Console, click here: