Join eVision and help fund teacher’s education projects this holiday season.

This year, instead of sending out holiday cards or our time worn (and some would say tacky) animated online holiday card please join us in making a holiday donation to fund education projects requested by teachers.

Teachers ask for funding for their education projects through DonorsChoose where you can make a donation to help fund their projects.

Any Amount Is Welcome and Your Donation is tax-deductible.

The eVision DonorsChoose list of projects we’d like to help fund


It’s really easy.
Just enter an amount you want to give and click Give. You can donate to more than one project and then Checkout using a credit card or by check.

Don’t see a project that reaches out to you on our list?
If you want to pick a project you’d like to have added to the eVision donation page you can browse or search for projects in your state from the DonorsChoose home page. Let us know at sales at and we’ll add them to this list. Just send send us the URL to the project page.

You’ll hear back from the class
No matter the size of your donation, you’ll hear back from the classroom about the project you helped bring to life. 

Every donor receives an email “thank-you” message from the teacher, which is sent about a week after the project is fully funded. In addition, if you complete a project’s funding or give $100 or more, you will receive a “thank-you” package in the mail with student photos and hand-written cards; this usually arrives within 3-6 months of your donation.

Your Donation is tax-deductible.
They will send you a receipt for tax-purposes immediately following your donation.

The eVision DonorsChoose list of projects we’d like to help fund

Please pass this message on. You can use the “Email This link” below