Video: Check your local search listings (like Google Maps) if local search results are important: Part 1

In this Part-1 video (a little over 6 minutes) I’ll demonstrate why you should check your local search listings in the major search engines if local search results are important to your business or organization.

I’ll also talk about how to improve your rankings in Google’s local search results (Google Maps).

Local search has grown in importance with the advent of Blended search results the past year or two. For example, Google often shows some local results in its main search page (See below for more on Blended Search). Local search results are being used more and more to find local services and products, find specific business, to get directions and contact information, and to check user reviews.

What this Part 1 Video Covers –

A demonstration of local search listings using Google’s local search results (Google Maps).

How updating your local search listings in Google Maps with descriptions, hours, pictures and video etc should help you “sell” your products and services to those searching for the products and services you sell.

Reaching top results in the local search listings, which are often displayed at the top of the main search results in Google, can lead to a significant increase in search traffic.

Taking ownership of your local listings and updating them appears to be a significant factor in improving the rankings of Google’s local search results.

Searchers can submit reviews of your business or organizations via Google Maps. Google summaries these reviews with a star (*) rating system. Getting good reviews is and will become more and more important.

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In future articles I’ll show you how to take ownership of your Google Maps listings, how to update them, as well as how to add new listings. I’ll probably also show you a tip to get more good user reviews.


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