Google’s Matt Cutts: What to expect for SEO the next few months

A couple of weeks ago Google’s Matt Cutts posted a video on what we can expect in terms of SEO over the next few months.

I’d recommend you take a listen (It’s about 7 minutes long, but the best stuff comes first) as you’re learn a lot about what a search engine like Google considers important for web sites, what they are working on for spam & quality detection, etc that we can expect during the summer of 2013, including –

  • First Matt talks about what you should be focusing on, that is building a great site that users love, that visitors want tell friends about, bookmark, share, come back to, etc.

What’s truly important hasn’t changed much in my almost 15 years of search marketing – Building a useful, high quality web site, focusing on spreading the word about your brand and the web site, working to get mentions and referrals from other sites (links on high quality web sites that both send relevant traffic to your site and help improve your rankings).

  • The next generation of Penguin (2.0) designed for fighting search engine spam (It’s rolling out now).
  • Advertorials – i.e. Paid ads/listings should not pass PageRank.
  • More link spam detection.
  • More sophisticated link analysis. I expect this will include more in the evolution to better determine the relevancy of incoming links to the page content.
  • Improved hacked sites & malware detection and more communications via webmaster tools.
  • Additional quality signals being added to Panda (the “high quality” update that begin about two years ago to devalue rankings and the effect of low quality sites)

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