How to Boost Sales with Compelling Buyers’ Guides, Product Descriptions, and Product Reviews

Rob Snell shows you all the different kinds of text content they create on their online stores, and give you tips on how you can leverage your product expertise into online profits. Doing this helps establish your expertise, differentiate your ecom site from all the others, and helps your shoppers decide what to buy.

It also helps your organic search results by making your product pages unique from most other ecommerce sites and by adding much more content for search engines to index and return in search results.

Rob talks about how to create compelling content including…


  • Start by simply writing more about the products you sell
  • Write Buyers’ Guides for Product Categories
  • Write candid and detailed product reviews
  • Write Unique Product Descriptions


Read  “How to Boost Sales through Compelling Buyers’ Guides,
Product Descriptions, and Product Reviews”


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