How To Get Employees Excited About Participating on LinkedIn and Sharing Company Updates

In September I wrote an article for Search Engine Land about How To Use LinkedIn To Improve Organic Visibility. In it I covered steps you can take to help improve the visibility of your LinkedIn content with search engines as well as within the LinkedIn community, increase the exposure of your LinkedIn updates, and improve traffic to the Web content you point to in LinkedIn updates.

First you create a LinkedIn Company Page (if you don’t have one already) then associate your employees with it. When you have updates to share ask your employees to share those updates too. Having employees share updates with their connections on LinkedIn can get your update in front of thousands of people who may in turn share it, bookmark it, Like it, link to it, etc.

How Marketo got their employees involved

After reading my article Jason Miller from Marketo got creative. Read how Jason got Marketo employees excited about participating on LinkedIn to help the company share updates and company news. Maybe you can employ what they did or something similar…

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