How To Increase Conversions For Organic Keywords

Once your web site is getting at least some traffic from organic search queries you can help increase conversions (inquiries, signups, purchases, phone calls etc) by investigating what happens once people reach your website from the search results.

You can use Google Analytics to choose what keywords to focus on and to check the entrance pages (landing pages) for issues hurting conversions.


In this article on Search Engine Land,
I’ll demonstrate…

How to Choose Which Organic Keywords To Focus On. Use Google Analytics to see conversion rates by keyword. Examine any keywords with a conversion rate that is lower than some minimal percentage.

How to Check The Entrance Pages for Issues. We have some control through optimization, but it’s the search engines that decide what web pages rank high for organic keywords and thus become the entrance pages when people click through. You should check any entrance page with more than a minimal number of entrances for issues, such as files with no navigation (contents of frames pages, pop up windows etc for example), old web pages still live and ranking,  pages recently moved or deleted but still being returned in search results.

Is It The Best Entrance Page For The Keyword Phrase? If the conversion rate is low you should decided if the entrance page is the best page for people to enter the site for this search query. I use a customer example to show you a page from their site that was not the ideal entrance page and what we suggested.


In part two we’ll develop more suggestions to improve conversions for important keyword phrases.


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