How To Increase Organic Keyword Conversions. Part 2

In “How To Increase Organic Keyword Conversions. Part 1” I covered how to use Google Analytics to determine the entrance pages people are landing on after clicking through from organic keyword listings in search engines. I showed you how to look for typical issues with entrance pages that hurt conversions such as files with no navigation, old web pages still live with broken images and links, pages that have been moved or deleted resulting in Page Not Found errors, and entrance pages that are not the best place for people to enter a site after searching on a specific keyword.

In this Part 2 article on Search Engine Land I’ll outline some relatively simple ways to improve conversions once people enter your web site from any traffic sources including….

Don’t Send Visitors Away From The Page Too Early

Did They Miss Any Important Messages?

What Do You Want Them To Do next?

How To Measure Changes With Google Analytics

Test Calls To Action

Simple Highlighting Changes Can Make A Huge Difference

Test Adding Forms On The Page

Loose The Form Verification If Possible

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