How To Use LinkedIn To Improve Organic Visibility

In this Search Engine Land article I cover steps you can take that should help…

Improve the visibility of your LinkedIn content with search engines as well as within the LinkedIn community.

Increase the exposure of your LinkedIn updates.

Possibly help to increase rankings of the web content you link to in LinkedIn updates.


You’ll Learn About…

How to Setup a LinkedIn Company Page and Associate Your Employees With It.

Have Your Employees Optimize Their Public Profiles. Having your employees optimize their profiles helps make the content on their profile more visible to others within the LinkedIn community and with search engines.

Have Your Employees Share Your Updates On Their Profiles. When you have important updates to share ask some or all of your employees to post the update on their LinkedIn Profiles.

For example when you want to announce that helpful video you put up on YouTube or that great how-to article that was just published ask your employees to Share the Update on their profiles. This can get your update in front of thousands of people on LinkedIn who may in turn share it, bookmark it, Like it, link to it, etc.

Having a company profile with associated employees each with optimized profiles who are active with a number of connections can increase the visibly of your content both on LinkedIn and with search engines and give you a effective online networking tool to communicate with hundreds or thousands of connections.

Sharing updates with these connections should help increase awareness of your messages and the web content you link to in your updates and possibly increase the rankings of that content as your connections share, bookmark/like, and link to your content.

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