How Web Page Load Speed Affects Your Business & Helpful Google Tools

If you aren’t already you should be checking your web site’s load speed, especially the important landing pages, and fixing issues that are reducing load speed.


Why Site/Page Load Speed Is Important

Slow Load Speeds Can Reduce Leads And Sales. It’s an important user experience factor. When a site responds slowly, visitors spend less time there.

Load speed is especially important for the pages people first land on from search results (and other traffic sources). If it takes too long to load many people will simply hit the back button and click on another search result.

In Google’s Search Advertising PPC Network (AdWords) poor load speed is a one the factors that can lower your Quality Score leading to lower ad positions at a higher cost-per-click (CPC). Google will even stop ads from running if the load speed is too slow.

In short slow load speeds can hurt conversions such as the number of leads or sales your web site generates.

It’s An Organic Ranking Factor In Google. Over a year ago Google stated that loads speeds are a ranking factor for organic search positions.


Load Speed Tools From Google

Google has a few tools you can use to check load speed and to help you fix issues.

Site Performance Report. In Google’s Webmaster Tools there’s a Site Performance Report that displays your web sites average load speed over time and compares it to other sites:

Site Performance Report in Google’s Webmaster Tools
Site Performance Report in Google’s Webmaster Tools. CLICK TO ENLARGE


Page Speed Tool. Google offers a tool called Page Speed that analyzes the content of a web page and generates suggestions to help make that page load faster.

Page Speed is available as a plug-in for Google’s Chrome browser of for FireFox. Or you can use the online version of Page Speed. Just enter a page URL in the online version and after a short time you’ll be presented with a list of prioritized suggestions that should make the page load faster.

Google’s Page Speed Report.
Google’s Page Speed Report. CLICK TO ENLARGE


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