Important Reminder About Website Form Testing

We’ve written about the importance of testing your forms in the past on our blog. But because we feel this is an ESSENTIAL part of a successful online marketing campaign we are outlining the most important steps in making sure your website forms (contact, quote requests, etc) are working for you! (We can’t tell you how many times we hear from a customer, “we haven’t gotten any form submissions in weeks” It just happened again)

  • Make a schedule to test your website forms
    We recommend testing them weekly (especially if you are running PPC ads!). Forms should be tested to make sure that not only are they working on the website, but that you are receiving the data. It is also important to create an inventory of all the forms on your site to make sure you are not missing anything in your weekly test.
  • Send your forms to more than one email address (Ideally have the data stored onsite too)
    It is best that forms are sent to at least one email address and have the submission data stored on the web server where you can access it. If the submission data cannot be stored on the web server, we suggest the form email data to at least two email addresses, one that is not a domain address in case there is a periodic problem with the server.
  • Compare your numbers with Google’s
    It is a good idea to periodically check to make sure that the number of forms you have received is reasonably in sync with what Google is reporting in Analytics if you are tracking form submissions (and you should be).

Our past articles on form testing:

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