Increase Leads & Sales from Your Email Campaigns by 200% or More

We can improve the conversion rates of your email marketing campaigns by employing many of the techniques from the Conversion Point Architecture process, increasing the percentage of readers who make a purchase, signup, submit an inquiry, donate, or whatever the goal of the email campaign may be. (see below for more information on Conversion Point Architecture)

What is Conversion Point Architecture?
Building upon the science of Usability and Psychology, Conversion Point Architecture draws from many fields including psychology, the usability field, web-buying behavior research and web technology. The goal is to ensure that the email and landing page(s) and other pages on your web site deliver an effective persuasive path, provide a successful branding experience and communicate the appropriate messages while ensuring that readers can complete conversion actions with minimal effort.

Ideal Email Campaigns:

  • The email message links the reader back to a web site where they can take some action.
  • It should be a web site that you can make changes to within a reasonable timeframe (ideally one where you can make changes very quickly).
  • You do periodic emails, not just a one-time message, so that we can make systemic improvements over time – Or you do a large quantity email blast and have the ability to send the messages in batches over a period of a month or two so we can make changes for each batch and watch the results in order to make systemic improvements.

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For More Information on Conversion Point Architecture

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