What You Can Learn About Social Media from Woot.com, a retail ecommerce site

Here’s an article on Search Engine Land about Woot.com an ecommerce site that has done some creative things to make their site unique, helpful and fun and at the same time created a large social presence with lots of fans.

Some highlights:

Deal a day

They engage their customers with creative copywriting, blogging, contests and social network updates.

Community forum comments placed on the web site: Unfiltered comments and recommendations. Woot staffers select the best or most helpful comments and pull them through to the homepage to help educate users with more than just the cookie-cutter item description  (You could do something similar for specific items to help shoppers decide to buy and help make your products pages more unique for search engines if you can add them in a search engine friendly manner).

Customer centric blog: Features daily deals. Also features fun, games, contests and industry news. The content on the blog is actually really interesting, The purpose of the blog isn’t to cram product down the throats of readers, rather to retain customers… something uncommon on most e-commerce sites.

Special content for Twitter followers.


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About Social Media from Woot.com”


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