Can we stop calling it Linking Building? It leads many to the wrong behavior

We’ve starting working with yet another client who had prior SEO’s wasting time on link building activities meant solely to influence search engine rankings,

Their last SEO was having low quality articles written for them and submitting them to article submission sites. Checking their analytics we see that no traffic ever came from these sites, ever! It’s very unlikely that these articles helped their search engine rankings at all. We found none of these articles in any of the tools we use to identity strong links, those that may be helping improve search positions. Finally none of the articles were ever picked up and run by any other site (they’re not very good or useful).


Link Building often leads to the wrong behavior, wasting time and resources

Calling this process Link Building and of course explaining that link building is a task performed to improve search engine rankings leads many web marketers to employ link building techniques solely to influence their rankings.

Most of these techniques work, at best, only for a while before the search engines devalue their effect, resulting in wasted time .  We’ve all seen these techniques rise and fall over the years – submitting to low quality directories, link farms & exchanges, reciprocal linking with off target sites, low quality article submissions etc.

In addition, some marketers buy link building services that promise XX number of links a month.  And that’s exactly what they get – XX low quality links each month that never result in meaningful referral traffic and almost certainly will do nothing to help improve search positions.

All of these practices take time and resources that could have been expended on efforts with long lasting benefits.


We’ve changed the name of our service to
Referral Site Development (RSD) & Online Promotion

The primarily goals of our link building services, which we’ve offered for about 10 years, have never changed –

To build targeted traffic from referral sites – Traffic that may convert into inquiries, leads, subscriptions, memberships, sales, etc.

Brand awareness – You can only hope to build awareness by being mentioned on sites that people actually look at!

We go on to explain that a secondary benefit is that some, often a small percentage of the links we acquire will likely help improve search engine rankings and that some of these mentions (citations) will help confirm local business addresses etc which should help local search positions (Google Maps etc).

So we are changing the name of our service to Referral Site Development (RSD) & Online Promotion to more accurately reflect the more important purpose of building targeted traffic and awareness. Yes we are showing “AKA Link Building” for awhile but we hope that in time we won’t have to mention this anymore.


eVision’s Social Media Service

Today, Social Media (such as Facebook, twitter, blogs etc) should be an integral part of a businesses’ marketing plan.

However the implementation of Social Media can be very time consuming, so eVision has a service to help our client’s with this…

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