More blogging tips – 25 Link Building Tactics to Improve Blog Search Ratings, Lee Odden

Lee Odden posted an article with 25 tips to improve your blogs rankings, including (the following are the headlines. read the article for the details):

  1. Create content worth linking to
  2. Conduct backlink analysis
  3. Make useful comments
  4. Encourage social bookmarks
  5. Get listed on other blogger’s blogrolls
  6. Guest write
  7. Submit to blog & RSS directories
  8. Submit to regular web site directories
  9. Be sure to include your blog URL in profiles
  10. Write testimonials
  11. Job listings should always have a link back to your blog
  12. Event listings should always have a link back to your blog
  13. Contributions to non-profits often have a donor page with a link
  14. Article syndication can still result in a few good links
  15. Distribute press releases via a wire service with a link to your blog included
  16. Contribute Op Ed pieces to Mainstream Media web sites.
  17. When you get media coverage (or placements) in online publications, be sure to ask the journalist for a link to your blog.
  18. Develop social networks and share especially useful content from your blog
  19. Linkbait. Create or aggregate disparate content that provides value and is not easily found elsewhere.
  20. Sponsor content on web sites or newsletters archived to the web that allow you to include a link.
  21. Hire bloggers to write content for you.
  22. Run a contest that may involve others deciding to link back to your blog.
  23. Offer a widget
  24. Review other blogs and offer a badge for those that get included.
  25. Create an exceptionally useful tool.

Read Lee’s 25 Link Building Tactics to Improve Blog Search Ratings