More SEO Myths and Bad Advice

There’s no shortage of bad SEO advice and myths. We’ve written about many over the years and mentioned or republished a number of articles by others.

Here’s an article on Website Magazine covering 21 SEO Myths and Tips.

Here are some of the more important
SEO Myths, Tips, and Bad Advice:


“The worst link building advice I’ve heard is: “Write great content”. Great content alone is not enough (unless you already have a huge following). Content has to be promoted.

You Only Need On-Page SEO. Yes Onsite/On-page SEO is important but you need an effective link building strategy to achieve rankings for competitive search queries and to help build up referral traffic.

Local SEO is all about Your G+ Local Listing. While a Google+ page is usually a good addition there are a number of factors that affect local rankings.

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