New Research on Behavioral vs contextual targeting – Surprising

The emphasis is mine the research just came out this week. I offer my conclusions at the end, the rest is theirs. 

The necessity of using attention-getting behavioral targeting was reinforced by responses regarding online behavior. The study found that more than 75 percent of online shoppers shop once per month or less and that the majority only research a product once or twice before buying.

Schimke concludes that the research shows behavioral targeting is the solution to maximize a limited opportunity to move consumers through the purchase funnel.

The study also found that the behaviorally-receptive audience

  • Is more likely to have a higher income
  • Spends more money online
  • Shops online more frequently than others

According to the study, behaviorally targeted ads fare better among both high and low online spenders. Among people who spend more than $500 online annually, 10 percent more were defined as behaviorally receptive and, among people who spend less than $500 online annually, 17 percent more were defined as behaviorally receptive.

“With behavioral targeting, marketers will be more effective in reaching both a higher value audience and the overall audience of online shoppers,” added Schimke.

To download the complete study, please visit here.

 Todd’s Conclusion is – Know your Customer and the more you can learn about their buying and lifestyle behaviors the better your site will perform. We currently can profile a customer within minutes using our proprietary testing tools. We are quick to add that we may not know why you are afraid of the dark, or spiders, but we will understand how to communicate best to your buying preferences.